Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cotton Swab Painting

Have you tried it?  I just started using cotton swab painting at home and at school to practice the spelling pattern of the week.  I LOVE THIS ACTIVITY.  Is is low to no mess even with paint!  It is hands on, and kids love it!

Use a cotton swab and a tiny bit of paint.  Students dot the outline of the spelling pattern that they are learning.  Each time they dot, they are saying the sound that the spelling pattern makes.
Here is my son working on ore.

Each time he dots with his cotton swab he is saying /ore/.  Great for those kids that need lots of repetition!

Of course the little guy was not going to be left out of this activity.

Here he is stamping the heck out of the letter b.  He is actually saying /b/ each time he smashes the cotton swab into the paper.  So it could work with all ages.  I think even older kids would like this activity. 

Some pointers:  
A little paint goes a long way.  I had them just dip into the lid of the paint.
Cut the cotton swabs in half.
Have fun!

I have ready made printables in my shop for all common spelling patterns as well as all the letters of the alphabet.  They come three to a sheet for easy prep.  Check them out.


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