Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Morning Routine Idea #1

Okay so I have a 6 year old.  Last year we had lots of issues with getting dressed.   There were many hours of my life lost searching for matching socks at the last minute and constantly reminding him to get dressed and showing him where I happened to place his clothes for the morning.   So to hopefully solve those problems I give you THE WEEKLY CLOTHING DISPENSER!   I found it at my local BIG LOTS.  It was on sale for $20.  In each bin I have put my son's clothes for the day including matching socks and underwear.  There will be no question as to where his clothes are in the morning, and no last minute scramble for socks.  Whew.  Let's hope anyway.  We have tried it for two days, and it has worked well.  However, we are still on Summer Vacation and all we had to do was get dressed, then play.  Hopefully with practicing these two weeks it will be a routine when... school starts!!

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