Sunday, August 24, 2014

Morning Routine Idea #3

This is it!  The last day of summer!  Here is what I am working on today.
                                     Lunch Organization
I currently cleaned all the crap off of the top of my refrigerator, which may or may  not have included: a fake plant covered in an inch of dust, four sticky melted lollipops, some Halloween candy, a smoke detector with no batteries, and a bouncy ball.   I then found these bins that were not being used in the basement.  I went off my clothing organization idea I had a few weeks ago and labeled them for each day of the week.   Inside I have lunch supplies stashed for each day, so all I have to do is grab them and throw them in the lunch box.  I am still working on how to organize lunch items that need refrigerated, but this is a start.  Fingers crossed... one more day until in-service and three more days until the first student day!

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