Friday, September 12, 2014

Freebie Friday!!!

Today I am feature free products on Teaching Blog addict!

I found inspiration in the Four in a Row game.  I wrote sounds on stickers and put them on the game chips.  Students have to say the sound before playing the game.   I also made a recording sheet for them to write their sounds on for more practice.   From  there I made some Four in a Row  games that are paper pencil, that  are more user friendly than using the game.  I like both ideas,and can see how both can be incorporated into  the classroom.  Here  is  pictures of both versions of the game.

Here is a sample of my Four in a Row game.  This one is for multisyllable CVC pattern words.  (Which in case you didn't know is a FIRST grade skill now according to the Common Core)  It is for two players.  Players take turns reading the word and then marking the box with an X or a chip. FREEBIE CLICK HERE!

 If you like the freebie be sure to check out the bundle pack which has letter, sounds, high frequency words,  cvc, ccvc, and cvcc with blends  and digraphs, and mulisyllable words with short  vowels.  FULL PRODUCT CLICK HERE

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