Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fluency Games for Beginning Readers

Do you have any beginning readers?  They will love these activities.  My six year old (turning seven tomorrow!EEEEK! )  Really liked doing these over the weekend.  At this time in First Grade I like to get them more experience reading and decoding sentences, as apposed to my focus on words at the beginning of the year.  I made this packet to do just that...Here is a fancy picture for you to pin :)

There is a card game.  

There are lots of cards with easy to read sentences and then some special cards for some extra fun.  Cut the cards apart and put them in a pile.  Play with a partner and take turns reading a card.  
There are also roll and read games that practice the same sentences in the card game.  Roll the die and read the sentence.  Can be played with a friend or independently.  
Finally there is a read and draw.  Students read and then illustrate the sentences.
Get this for your beginning readers in my TPT store here: Fluency Games for Beginning Readers



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