Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spelling Practice on the IPad

Tonight we needed some extra incentive to practice spelling words.  I'm sure your kids always want to practice spelling, but if you are looking for some new ideas here are two for you.  Both are free apps that I found in the app store.  The first one we used was kiddoodle.  He could write his words right on the pad.  It is much like a draw program with an eraser and some fun features.  Great for practicing writing words.  The second is called magnet board.  The free version only has capital letters which I am not a huge fan of but lowercase can be purchased.  So if we continue to use this one I will probably do that.   This one is used much like magnetic board.  Letters are dragged up to the board.  A lady with a strange accent said the sound and after a word was built she read the word.  If she didn't have such a strange accent this would be an awesome feature but she was hard to understand.   There were other magnet boards that came up when I searched but this was the first free one I found.  Both worth trying for free.
We got our spelling words practiced and had fun doing it!

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