Friday, January 30, 2015

This dice app makes dice games more fun!

I love to play dice games with my kiddos.  It makes a worksheet or reading activity way more fun if you add dice to it.  Well when you add a dice app to that you have pure joy!!!  The app is very simple it is a die on a screen you shake your iPad or iPhone and the dice rolls and makes a really cool rattling sound.  They love it!
Here is my son doing his spelling home work last night.   He is assigned to write his words three times each every week,  which to a first grader is the most awful torture.  So, I came up with this game we do every week instead.  He is still writing them about three times each,  and having fun!
The activity is in here along with other fun games to replace writing their words three times each.  I have packets for all Story Town first grade lessons.  

Here is a close up of the screen.

To get the app search dice in the App Store.   It is free.  I don't know if it is available on other devices because we are an apple family.   It does offer in app purchases but if you don't have those suckers turned off and have kids using your device do it right now! Here is a picture of what the app looks like because I have yet to figure out how to link an app...
And if you are in need of some new dice games I have lots in my store!  They are a favorite at school and at home!

                            Valentine's Day Roll and Read

                  CVC Roll and Read Fluency Center

                      No Prep Word Family Activities

                                        I hope you give the app a try!   
                                 Kids will love it with any dice game!!!
                                                 Happy rolling!

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