Thursday, February 26, 2015


Only a few hours left in the sale!!!  Did you get what you wanted?  Still looking for more?  Check out this product I just revised with some of the new clip art I picked up yesterday in the sale...
Here is a search and find I added to the game for some extra fun.  Kids LOVE search and finds.  There are or, and ore words hidden on those super kids.

There is also a card game that kids love to play.  Print, cut and play this game for or, ore fluency.

Kids take turns picking a card.  There are also special cards to make the game more fun...

Or hang the cards around the room and it is a read and write around the room activity!  There is a recording sheet included!
 You can still get this today on SALE!  Don't forget to use the code HEROES for and extra 10% off!
Get it here:

Happy Thursday!


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