Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Day, My Creative Mind, and Sweatpants

So we had a snow day today.  I was surprised because it has been super cold and super snowy FOREVER here, and we have not had a cancellation yet.  But, for some reason we did today.
I'll take it.  I  am having fun playing on my blog and making a Facebook page today.   The boys and I are also doing a dinosaur themed day which I am going to blog about this weekend.  It has been super fun.  We are all crashed on the couch watching Dinosaur the movie now.   Anyway here is my new blog header...

I am super please with myself that I figured out how to make it all by myself.  That was the whole premise behind starting my TPT store and blog was to keep my creative juices flowing and to challenge myself. 
I am however wondering if I should make it colorful instead of gray?
Is it weird that my favorite color is gray?

I also updated my picture with this cute one of the whole family.  
It is from the summer, and made me feel warm and happy.  It is so very much us, no fancy clothes here, my husband and I both LIVE in sweatpants.  
In fact I'm pretty sure I have these same ones on today.  Ok, that is not really that much of a stretch since I wear them 90% of the time.  The other 9% I wear my other gray sweatpants that are the same only lighter, and the last 1%  I wear the pants that I wear to school.   These pants are as close to sweatpants as you can get, but still get away with wearing to work.  And as a matter a fact NO they are not gray ( I know that is what you are thinking)  They are black, and I even have them in brown too, so there.  

I am now trying to figure out how to put a button on my blog.  Ahhhh.  My brain is smiling from all the creative stimulation today.

Anyone else have a creative brain that just needs to keep busy?

Happy snow day!

P.S.  If you were expecting more from this post I am sorry, but I WAS very clear in the title what it was about.  Stick around, follow my page, I promise it will get more interesting.

Edited to add...changed the blog again today...decided to add some color....


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