Thursday, March 26, 2015

Free on Friday!

I have two freebies this week!  Be sure to get them both!  The first is a free Easter Egg hunt that will be great to use next week.  Students have to find eggs with CVC words written on them that you hide around the room.  There is a recording sheet included.   I did something similar with my students last year and they LOVED it!

My next freebie is because I hit 200 followers on TPT this week.  WOOHOO!  I couldn't believe it!

Get my 200 Follower Freebie HERE

That is not all... I am giving away my newest product to one lucky person on my facebook page today.  I love how this product turned out! 

Visit my facebook page HERE to enter

And of course be sure to check out Teaching Blog Addict HERE for more FREEBIES!




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  1. Congratulations on your TPT Milestone! I love the CVC egg hunt idea - anything to keep them learning when they are all wound up about the bunny coming right? Love it! thanks for sharing.


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