Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Letter Naming and Sound Fluency

So after the sale last week where I bought three times as much as I sold that day, (oops)  I was having a little buyers remorse.  Until I started to update my products with all my new clip art.  Now I am in love!  The day of the sale I was informed that a lot of the clip art in my products were breaking copyright.  (double oops)  So with a heavy heart I took down many of my best sellers.  I worked like CRAZY this weekend to update my products with new clip art that doesn't break any rules.  I LOVE them now.   The best part is they are like an entirely new product with the new clip art.  My students did not even know that they were the same games or activities that we had already done.  So that was a bonus.  Also I like the new clip art even better!  It also gave me a chance to spruce up these products since most of them were the very first ones that I had made.   This princess game was a HUGE hit yesterday with my Kinders....

Please look at how cute these princesses are :)

There are special cards to make the game more fun!

Hide these frogs behind the word cards on a pocket chart and you have a whole class, find the frog fluency game for letter naming.  The KIDS LOVE this game.

Hang the cards around the room and you have a read and write the room activity with these recording sheets!

***Good news, if you bought this game from me in it's previous version.  This is uploaded in it's place.  If you go to your purchases you can re-download the updated version.***

If you don't already have it you can grab it here:
Letter Naming or Sound Fluency

Have a great Tuesday, and if you live somewhere warm PLEASE send some warm thoughts my way.  I am SO SICK OF WINTER!



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