Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rainbow Writing on the IPad

This may be my favorite spelling app that I have found.  It is called Hello Crayons.  It was so easy to use, and I liked the save option a lot.  At home it will be nice when I cannot sit by him to be sure he is writing his spelling words and at school it could make for a great center activity with accountability!

Here is a close-up of what it looks like in the app store...

Just search Hello Crayons.  It is of course free which is the price I like to spend on apps :).  

It was a big hit!  My son really liked rainbow writing his words.  I liked that it gave him more practice than some of the other apps where there was not the continue to trace the word option.

Give it a try!
Have any free spelling apps you would like to share?
Post them in the comments!  

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I love any app that allows students to trace or draw - instead of type - their words. Great for multisensory word study! Thanks for sharing this.


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