Monday, April 13, 2015

New product!

I added a new product to my Spring All Access Pass.  I noticed that my groups were not as fluent with their sounds as I would like.  I flash the sounds that they have learned before EVERY lesson, and still they are not automatic.  So I made this game to give them some more repeated practice on sounds.  I included most common sounds that are taught K-2, including vowel teams, digraphs and so much more. I used it today , and they loved it!

Get the Sound Game here:  Spring Sound Game
Or get all my spring products here:  Spring All Access Pass

This is a sound review game.  It reviews not just letter sounds, but vowel teams, digraphs, and so much more!  This is a great end of the year review. Students will love to practice sound fluency with these games!
Card Game: Put the cards in a pile.  Students take turns picking a card and reading the word.  If they get a special card, they follow the directions on the special card.
Can you find the flower?: Put some of the sounds cards in a pocket chart or lay them out on the table.   Without the students seeing, “hide”  one of the flower cards behind one of the sound cards.  Students take turns reading one sound card.  After they read the sound card, correctly they can look behind the card to see if they found the flower.  First one to find the flower wins! 
Read and Write Around the Room:  Hang some of the cards around the room. Have the students  find the sound, read the sound, and then write the sound on the recording sheet.  Great for early finisher!  Keep them up for the whole week!
After the games are modeled students will love to play it at centers and even indoor recess!

Happy Monday!


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