Thursday, April 16, 2015

We have ANTS!

Have you ever done an ant farm with your class or with your kids at home?  I used to do it every year with my kindergarten class, and they loved it.  So this year when people were asking what to get my boys for Christmas I mentioned the ant farm.   Boy did they deliver.  The ant farm I used in the past had sand you had to pour in and you had to water them every day with an eye dropper.  Which was fun, but also messy.  Well this ant farm does it all.  Whatever the lime green gel substance is, it contains food and water to keep them alive.  So all you do is dump your ants in and watch them go!  There is also a really cool light in the bottom that makes it all glow.  So about as unrealistic as you can get, but the boys are loving it!  We just dumped them in when I took this picture.  I will post an update in a couple days so you can see the tunnels.  It is a great present, and really fun activity to do at home or at school!

Get your ant farm here, and let the fun begin!


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