Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fishing for CVC Words!

It's the end of the year.  It's REALLY hard to keep them learning and on task.  This game can help! 
I found a ruler, and some ugly brown yarn in my closet.  I also found a blue magnet in an old science kit from 100 years ago.  I made a make-shift fishing pole.  Paired with these really cute fish, slap some CVC words on them, and WOOHOO ON TASK LEARNING!  

My kids loved this game.  I earned bonus points as the best teacher ever.  I even added some blue paper to make it look like a pond.  Try to get them to STOP playing :)  I love to see them having fun and learning.   

TGIThursday.... It is getting to be TGIeveryday that is closer to Summer Vacation around here! 
Hope you are having a great end to the year, or even better, I think some people are done for the year!  {So jealous}  15 more days to go here!

Have a good one!


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