Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week Freebie Day 2

It is day 2 of teacher appreciation week!  Are you starting to feel appreciated?  I am!  I got lots of freebies yesterday from EDUCLIPS and THE TLC SHOP.  If you know of any good freebies please share in the comments I LOVE freebies!  Click HERE for Day 2.

Today's freebie came from the idea of yesterday's freebie.  I was trying to think of how to make my instruction MORE multisensory.  That is when I saw cotton swab painting on PINTEREST and applied it to my bang-my-head-on-the-wall-skill of CVC words.  The kids loved it and I saw lots of success.  So I thought of the other skills that I teach until I am blue in the face, and BAM, this idea came to me.   Here is a sample packet of my sight word centers and activities.  I broke it down by sight word because I kept finding I would buy something and it would not have the word that I needed.  Each pack is just $.50 so you can mix and match, and afford it.   I tried to think of as MANY multisensory activities I could come up with to do with this one word so it will finally STICK!  Each packet has nine activities to go with the sight word!  WOOHOO!

You can get the sight word {HAVE} HERE
If you like it hurry and grab my growing bundle pack HERE while it is at it's lowest price, plus on sale, plus with the TPT sale code of Thank You its almost free...and it is a growing bundle you will get any sight word that I add  for free from here on out until eternity.  It's a really good deal.  Anyway here is a peek inside:

Don't forget about the TPT sale today!

Happy Day 2! 

I know it is early, but if I don't post it the night before I cannot sleep :) Enjoy!

Some cool stuff you could use with it:


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