Monday, June 15, 2015

Pretty things make me happy :)

Really they do.   In a house of all boys, I find myself lacking in visual stimulation, and surrounded by ...well boys and their stuff.  Don't get me wrong I love my boys, but I am a girl.  I need girly things.  While my flowery pretty house things have long been broken, thrown up on, or used as a weapon, I have finally found a couple pretty things I can keep all of my own.

Pretty thing #1

Pretty paper from The Creative Paper Collection at Creative Clips Paper.  Her papers make me smile.  I don't mind writing my to-do list of buy diapers, scrub mud off the entry way wall, and clean food out of the couch...when I can write it on these pretty papers.

Pretty thing #2

Erin Condren Planner.  I was really skeptical about getting this.  There are so many post about how awesome this planner is, and how it changed everyone's life, I just couldn't believe it...Until I finally  broke down and used some birthday money to get a ready to ship one to try for the rest of 2015.  It is beautiful, and inspiring, and keeps me organized and I am in LOVE.  You can get $10 off of yours by signing up HERE.

Pretty thing #3

These oh-so awesome pen/marker hybrids!   I am in love with these.  They last forever, they are bold and beautiful, and they do not bleed.  They really live up to their name FLAIR!


All three of these thing together, make me one happy momma!
Happy Monday!

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