Saturday, August 29, 2015


Oh boy, things just got real.  I start school on Monday.  Don't hate me if you have been back for weeks, my pain is real.  It is always a shock to the system every year.  So anyway this means I am having regrets now for not taking a moment and thinking about what I might need for the school year during the BTS Sales.  Now my cart is full and nothing is on sale!  Lesson learned for next year.  I was just so deep into summer when the sales happened, I was not thinking clearly.  Anyway, this inspired me to have a sale for anyone who did the same thing, or has been at it for awhile, and just needs some thing new!!!  So check out my store this weekend!

So check it out, and get yourself something to make your week a little easier, and a little more fun!
Enjoy the weekend!


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