Monday, August 31, 2015

Teacher Week Day 1: 5 Fun Facts

Woohoo!  So many things to celebrate this week.  Today is my first day back at school,  and I am participating in Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin'! Be sure to check in each day this week for fun blog posts!  Today's post is FIVE fun facts about ME!   So read mine, and then head on over to Blog Hoppin' to read five fun facts about some other really great bloggers!

Fun Fact #1  I have read every Susan Wiggs' Book that I could get my hands on this summer.  It is the first summer that I have read for fun in a long time.  I stayed up way to late every night, but I loved every minute.  

Fun Fact #2  If I was not a teacher I would be a photographer.  I take pictures for fun, and these two are my favorite subjects!  You can see more of my pictures on Instagram.

Fun Fact #3  I met my husband in 4th grade.  We went to our Junior and Senior prom together and have been married for 11 years.  

Fun Fact #4  I have seen Pearl Jam in concert 10 times (with above husband :))  The best concert was when we were in the front row!  Eddie asked me where my cup was to share his wine with me, but I did not have  a cup :(  

(This picture is from our last concert we went to. We were about 10 rows back.  My phone died before he went on when we were in the front row, from me texting everyone and telling them we were in the front row!!!)

 Fun Fact #5  I CrossFit.  My husband is the head coach at our box.  I have been doing it for about three years and love to see how I can push my body, and achieve new goals.  

This is me at ROGUE

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  1. 10 times and front row!!??!! So cool!! Love that you've know your husband since you were little kids! So sweet!!

    1. Yes! But don't think we are wild and crazy! Pearl Jam concerts are about only thing we do that is just us since we have had kids :) Hahaha! It's turned into a tradition now to go whenever they tour!

  2. Pearl Jam always puts on a great show! Front row must have been amazing!

    1. It was amazing. One of my top moments ever. I was so scared it would be too loud and I wouldn't be able to stand there, but it was just amazing...unfortunately now I'm spoiled and I want to be in the front for all of them!!


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