Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teacher Week Day 4 Sanity Savers!

While I imagine you are hoping for some classroom sanity savers, I just have not gotten that far yet this year.  Yesterday was our first day back and my office is in shambles as you could see, and I still don't even have a schedule in place or students identified, so I don't have any good advice there yet. HOWEVER, keep reading to find out how I get myself, and my seven and three year old out the door every day!  I do have some sanity savers for your morning!

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Tip NUMBER 1:  This is really the only tip you need, but it is really the hardest to do after a LONG day at school when all you want to do is crawl in bed...
Seriously, instead of watching one more show, or spending a half an hour less on pinterest at night, get stuff ready for the next day.  These are pictures I snapped last night of my prep.

Lay out your clothes.  This is a huge sanity saver, no last minute ironing, or changing five times.  Just do it.

Lay out your seven year old's clothes, in the same spot every day( if not he will NOT be able to find them, even if you tell him 10 times they are in the living room) , away from the three year old's clothes (because the seven year old will squeeze himself into the three year old's clothes and think they are his, then make it seem like the end of the world when you tell him he has to change because he has on booty shorts and a crop top.), with the socks and underwear on TOP ( or else they will be forgotten and you will be standing at the bus stop with you son and he will tell you he doesn't have any underwear on just as the bus pulls up, and all you can do is send him to school with no underwear that day and then the next day learn to put the underwear on top and to ask among the hundred other questions...if he has underwear on EVERY DAY)  Also a good lesson on looking at tags and putting clothes on the right way should be done weekly.  So now you have a clear picture on how a non-sane morning could look like in my house...and the three year old has not even gotten up yet.

Pack lunches the night before.  Pack all lunches the night before.  In the lunch boxes preferably.  All I need to add to my son's is a drink box.  

My lunch is in the fridge ready to get thrown into my lunch box.

Keep scrolling down and read my blog post from Tuesday if you want some really good lunch ideas.

These are just a few of the things that I know if I do not do the night before, then my morning is going to be totally chaos and end with all of us running out the door looking disheveled, barking instructions (well maybe I am the only one that does this) and just NOT a good way to start the day.  Sometimes this happens anyway, no matter how I plan so this comes to my last tip, which is remember to relax and have fun the night truly will make your morning go better too.

Good luck with your mornings, if you have kid's, organization and preparation is the key. 

Have a great day!

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  1. I couldn't agree more...I'm really making an effort this year to prepare as much as I can beforehand. Just a little bit of planning makes such a difference!

  2. I completely agree with you. I always try to pack my lunch the night before. You never know what craziness will happen in the morning.

    The Very Busy Kindergarten


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