Monday, May 2, 2016

How to get your EXCLUSIVE Freebies!!!

Who doesn't like free?
I have a ton of freebies for you this week.

First, I am reactivating my Teacher Appreciation Week Freebies from last year.
Why?  Because VERY few people downloaded them last year.
They were only available for 12 hours so I want to make them available again.
This WILL be the last time they are available though.
SO QUICK go DOWNLOAD today's freebie.
There will be a new one re-release everyday this week.
I will make it my FEATURED FREEBIE.  So make sure you swing by my store every day to get your goodies.

Second,  I have TWO different exclusive FREEBIES that you can get this week.
Both will be sent out on Saturday.

                      Follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers to get my exclusive follower freebie.  It will be sent only to my TPT followers.

                              Sign up HERE for my email list to get another bundle of goodies!

Have a great week!
I hope you are feeling appreciated!


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