Sunday, February 12, 2017

Earn free products from my store!

Hi Friends!  

I've been reading all the awesome feedback you have been leaving at my store (thank you by the way) and I love to hear how you are using my products in the classroom!  I love it so much I decided I wanted to see more!  I'd love to actually see my products in your classroom!

I'm offering FREE products in exchange for a picture.   
Want to know how? 
Keep reading!  

Do you already own one of my products?  Perfect!!!
If not click here and get one!
Download the product, use it in your classroom, and take a picture.  Post that picture on social media.  Tag me so I can see it!!   Easy peasy as the kids say. 

Email me at and tell me where you posted your picture,  in case I missed it.  Then tell me which product you would like from my store for free!!  You can choose any product under $2.00 in my store and I will email it to you! 

Want to try it, but don't own any of my products yet?
No problem.
I have tons of freebies in my store.
You can use one of those!  Yes!  You read that right!

Download, use, post,and tag one of my free products, email me and get a $2.00 or less product from my store for free!!!  

I also have tons of products for just $.50 right HERE.

Give it a try, let me know what you think! This will give me a chance to see my products in the hands of students other than my own and a way to pay it forward with more great products for your classroom!  Win win!   

Wondering what social media I use?   Here are my accounts below!


Have any questions, suggestions, or ideas?   Email me!
I can't wait to see what you share!!! 


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