Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feel the letter!

Ok.  So you have been teaching letter names for a while now and you are looking for some activities to do to reinforce what they have learned.
Your students will love these activities!


Put capital letters into a cup.  
Have students take turns.
One student closes their eyes and picks a letter.
With their eyes closed they feel the letter, and try to guess which letter it is. 
If they guess right, they keep the letter. 
When all the letters are gone, the player with the most letters wins!  
Play with just a few letters at a time to start with.  Make sure students know the letter names of the letters.  Need help teaching letter recognition?  Read what I do here.

Get silly with the alphabet.  Students need to be very familiar with alphabet order.  Sing it loud, sing it soft, and have fun.  There are tons of CD's that can help you have fun with the alphabet.  Some of my favorites are  Dr. Jean & Friends and  Sing to Learn with Dr. Jean
If you have never heard of Dr. Jean you HAVE to check her out!  

We had so much fun practicing the alphabet this summer with these awesome window markers.  Wouldn't this look great on a classroom door?  


Give them lots of practice with putting letters in alphabet order.  Make it fun!  I LOVE to use food in my lessons.  Those little buggers are always hungry.  These are perfect.  Use them for alphabet order and then word building.  Keep on learning during snack time! Yum.  CHEEZ IT!

I also love these dough stampers!  Roll out the dough  and stamp the alphabet.  These great for building words too! 


Have you had your students write the alphabet in order?  Ask them to.  I was really surprised at how hard this was for some of my struggling readers.  We practice writing the alphabet for fluency a couple times a week. I LOVE to use this printable at centers and as a warm-up for my intervention groups.  I put them in a plastic sleeve, and use a dry erase markers to write on them.  This has been a class favorite this year.  You can get this printable free HERE.  

You can add these alphabet activities to the beginning or the end of any activity!  They work great in interventions! 



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