Saturday, July 22, 2017

A few of my favorite things...

Do you ever see someone post about a toy, or product, and you have to have it?
But, you cannot find it anywhere, no matter how you search?
This annoys me to no end.
I came up with this solution to help you find something that I shared.
I have so many things that I love.
This page is where I can share them with you!
You probably got here from a link on Facebook or Pinterest looking for a product I talked about or shared.  Just find the picture that brought you here, click on it, and it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase it.

***Full disclosure here.  Yes, these are affiliate links.  Yes, I get some change if you click and purchase from my links.  What do I use this money for?  It helps support my education material, laminating pouch, and book addiction.   So I thank you! ***

Let's get shopping!

This boogie board is great for letter or spelling practice!  Grab it HERE.

These highway letter tracers are sure to be a hit!  They come with shapes and numbers too!  Grab it HERE.

This Handwriting Without Tears magnadoodle is a great way to practice letter formation!  Grab it HERE.

We love to practice oral language with this game!  Grab it HERE.

We love this Melissa and Doug capital letter puzzle.  Get it HERE.

This Spot it Alphabet Game is always a favorite! Get it HERE.

We love to practice alphabet order with this alphabet arc.  Get one HERE.

This leaping letters game puts a really fun twist on alphabet order fluency!  You have to go fast!  Get one HERE.

Thanks for stopping by to see some of our favorite things!  There are so many great education products out there.  If you have one you love share it in the comments!



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