Saturday, July 22, 2017

A few of my favorite things...

Do you ever see someone post about a toy, or product, and you have to have it?
But, you cannot find it anywhere, no matter how you search?
This annoys me to no end.
I came up with this solution to help you find something that I shared.
I have so many things that I love.
This page is where I can share them with you!
You probably got here from a link on Facebook or Pinterest looking for a product I talked about or shared.  Just find the picture that brought you here, click on it, and it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase it.

***Full disclosure here.  Yes, these are affiliate links.  Yes, I get some change if you click and purchase from my links.  What do I use this money for?  It helps support my education material, laminating pouch, and book addiction.   So I thank you! ***

Let's get shopping!

This boogie board is great for letter or spelling practice!  Grab it HERE.

These highway letter tracers are sure to be a hit!  They come with shapes and numbers too!  Grab it HERE.

This Handwriting Without Tears magnadoodle is a great way to practice letter formation!  Grab it HERE.

We love to practice oral language with this game!  Grab it HERE.

We love this Melissa and Doug capital letter puzzle.  Get it HERE.

This Spot it Alphabet Game is always a favorite! Get it HERE.

We love to practice alphabet order with this alphabet arc.  Get one HERE.

This leaping letters game puts a really fun twist on alphabet order fluency!  You have to go fast!  Get one HERE.

Thanks for stopping by to see some of our favorite things!  There are so many great education products out there.  If you have one you love share it in the comments!


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Phonemic Awareness is so much fun!!!

You must have clicked to read this for one of two reasons.
1.  You think phonemic awareness is super fun too!
2.  You really hate teaching phonemic awareness and want to see why I think it is fun.

Whatever reason you are here I am so glad that you are!!!

I used to hate teaching phonemic awareness, but I kept at it, and now it is one of my favorite things to teach!

Today we are going to focus mainly on segmenting.

Segmenting in general is a huge skill.   It needs to be taught in many different steps.  Here is how I like to teach segmenting.

1.  Segmenting Syllables (read my post about this here)

2.  Segment off the First Sound

This game is the easiest way that I have found to teach first sound.  Plus they LOVE it.   Roll the ball to them, say a word, they have to say the first sound, and then roll the ball back.

3.  Segment off the Ending Sound.  This just takes a ton of practice for a lot of kids to get.   I use the ball game above (but use a different ball to help their brain switch from beginning to ending sounds.)   I also really like to start using the Chipper Chat here because they need a lot of practice.

4.  Segmenting out the Middle Sound.   If you thought ending sounds took forever then strap in.  This can be so hard for struggling readers.   Again repeated practice it the key.

5.  Segment Onset-Rime
Onset-Rhyme is when you segment off the first sound in the word, and then say the rest of the word.  I have found using just these card stock cards for this activity work really well.   Say the first sound and point to the first card and then say the rest of the word.

6.  Segment two sound words.   Students segment all the sounds in the word.  I start with short two sound words to do this.   Such as go, me, hi, my, etc.

7.  Segment three sounds in words.  This is where we get down to the nitty gritty to get them reading.  They need to be able to segment and blend sounds orally before they will be able to do it in print.

This foam chopper works perfect.   They "chop" out all the sounds in the word.

8.  Segmenting four sounds and BEYOND!   Make sure you are mixing in short vowels long vowels, etc.  I see students really hit a wall with beginning and ending blends.   SO lots of repeated practice and tons of different activities are important at this level.

I love using these lights.  They tap a light for each sound.

Or puppets...he is putting down one finger for each sound!

Or this sound board, you can get it free HERE.   I put it in a plastic sleeve and almost always use some sort of snack when we do it.  Clean up is so EASY and it makes the game so much more enticing.  Pull down each sound then blend the word back together.

Remember to warm up with segmenting daily.  Usually before we start reading words I will give them some of the words orally for them to segment before we start.  

You might like to see my favorite phonemic resources HERE.  

Want more great reading ideas?  CLICK HERE

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  There are affiliate links in this post, in case you want to purchase these materials.  Thanks for supporting my book addiction! 

My TOP Phonemic Awareness Resources for you to use!

Phonemic Awareness...
oh how I have struggled over the years...
I know it is important,
I've heard that it is easy to do,
I know that just 5 minutes a day can make a huge impact,

I get all the why's...but I struggle with the who, the what, and the when!

I did find if I make sure I start my day with phonemic awareness or pair it with another habit that we do (like lining up for lunch)  then I get it in so much more consonantly.

While this is still a major focus of mine to improve on, I do have some products I would like to share with you that have really helped me out over the years!  Yes, these are affiliate links, no I don't get enough money to go on my dream vacation to Hawaii if you click on them, but I do get to buy a new book now and then, so thank-you!

1.   This book is awesome.   When I taught Kindergarten I used it everyday.   It has phonemic awareness sheets that match your favorite read alouds.  I would read the story then do the sound matching sheet that matched the story, we would pair it with snack time and use cereal as markers, then eat them afterward.   It was seriously the best part of my day, and those students could ROCK their phonemic awareness!

2.  The person that made the Chipper Chat just gets kids.   The word lists in this book are a teacher's dream and the game is a student's dream come true.  Which of your students would not love to use magnetic chips and a magnetic wand?   I loved to use this in my small group lessons as a warm up.  It took me awhile to figure out how to match activities to students and how to progress through the book, but the ease and fun makes this a number 1 in my book.

You may also want to grab these...

Those are my top TWO favorite phonemic awareness resources.  I found as long as I am consistently doing phonemic awareness everyday, I get good results.  So at the very least just start doing it, even if it's not a perfect plan.  Start playing with sounds with your students.  When they line up,  before you read a story, at snack time, whenever you can fit it in, just do it.  Below are some other books that I have on my shelf that I pull from time to time.  

I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas on this topic.  If you have any books to share please share them in the comments!!!

Do you have an easy way to incorporate phonemic awareness into your routine? I'd love to hear about!  Email me at

Keep playing with those sounds!

If you liked this post, you might also like to read about how I teach Voiced and Unvoiced sounds to my readers.   CLICK HERE.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Super Hero Day is April 28th!

Super Hero Day is April 28th!

This is a great day to celebrate in your classroom.   Make it a theme for the whole day.  Download my Super Hero Freebie right here to get started:

Your students will love creating their own super hero, playing tic-tac-toe, and searching and finding!

I have also been pinning ideas like crazy on my pinterest board.  Click here to get some great ideas.  

I also have TONS of super hero games in my store.  Just click on the super hero tab.  They are a great way to combine fun and learning!   

You can practice

These are some of my student's favorite games. I LOVE to use games in my intervention groups.  They make learning fun. 

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Have a fun day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feel the letter!

Ok.  So you have been teaching letter names for a while now and you are looking for some activities to do to reinforce what they have learned.
Your students will love these activities!


Put capital letters into a cup.  
Have students take turns.
One student closes their eyes and picks a letter.
With their eyes closed they feel the letter, and try to guess which letter it is. 
If they guess right, they keep the letter. 
When all the letters are gone, the player with the most letters wins!  
Play with just a few letters at a time to start with.  Make sure students know the letter names of the letters.  Need help teaching letter recognition?  Read what I do here.

Get silly with the alphabet.  Students need to be very familiar with alphabet order.  Sing it loud, sing it soft, and have fun.  There are tons of CD's that can help you have fun with the alphabet.  Some of my favorites are  Dr. Jean & Friends and  Sing to Learn with Dr. Jean
If you have never heard of Dr. Jean you HAVE to check her out!  

We had so much fun practicing the alphabet this summer with these awesome window markers.  Wouldn't this look great on a classroom door?  


Give them lots of practice with putting letters in alphabet order.  Make it fun!  I LOVE to use food in my lessons.  Those little buggers are always hungry.  These are perfect.  Use them for alphabet order and then word building.  Keep on learning during snack time! Yum.  CHEEZ IT!

I also love these dough stampers!  Roll out the dough  and stamp the alphabet.  These great for building words too! 


Have you had your students write the alphabet in order?  Ask them to.  I was really surprised at how hard this was for some of my struggling readers.  We practice writing the alphabet for fluency a couple times a week. I LOVE to use this printable at centers and as a warm-up for my intervention groups.  I put them in a plastic sleeve, and use a dry erase markers to write on them.  This has been a class favorite this year.  You can get this printable free HERE.  

You can add these alphabet activities to the beginning or the end of any activity!  They work great in interventions! 


Sunday, February 12, 2017

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Hi Friends!  

I've been reading all the awesome feedback you have been leaving at my store (thank you by the way) and I love to hear how you are using my products in the classroom!  I love it so much I decided I wanted to see more!  I'd love to actually see my products in your classroom!

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Let me help you open your Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

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