Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Time to Write

Writing is so important for kids.  I am constantly amazed at the Kinders that come to school and not sure what to do when they are given a crayon or pencil.  Kids are at such a disadvantage if they are not given an opportunity to write at a young age.  Writing is such a hard time to get kids to love to do once they get to school.  It needs to start at home.  It needs to have a purpose and priority to them.  Nothing makes me happier than this picture I took of this little guy on school picture day this year.  He grabbed his notebook and pencil on his way out the door so he could finish what he was writing that morning.
This guy loves to write.   He chooses to write.  He sees a purpose for writing.  Here is what I did to encourage writing in my home.

1.  Have stuff to write with.  Every year for Christmas I tell my mom to get the boys the same things, crayons, markers, and pencils.  They are great gifts and we always need them.  So gather some writing utensils.  

2.  Make the writing utensil accessible to them.  We have ours in a low cupboard that the boys can reach.
3.  Have LOTS of paper.   Don't freak out when they use a ton, because they will.  Save old pieces of mail for them to use the backs. Make the paper accessible. 

4.  Pick up cute notebooks when they are on sale.  Cute notebooks hit the clearance shelves quiet often, especially seasonal ones.  Kids LOVE to write in a notebook.

5.  Wallah.    Your kid will write, and if that doesn't encourage them,  put the stuff all out on a desk or table.  Model writing, by showing what you write everyday...a grocery list, a workout, a lesson plan.   Don't MAKE them write, they could draw or color.  Just get the writing utensils in their hand.  

6.  Encourage writing by mentioning it.   For example The six year will be talking about a house or something he wants to build in Mindcraft, and I'll say "That's cool, maybe you could make a plan on paper for that."  and he says, " Great idea, Mom!"  and runs off to do it.  (this actually happened this morning.)  Here he is below, planning.
And you really just have to get the oldest kid you have to like writing, because the little one just does whatever he does anyway...  
Write away with your little ones!  They will amaze you!



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  1. Hi Amy, I just had to comment regarding the bit at the start...someone I know had a kid about to start school and I asked how they were going (recognising name, counting etc) and the response was "...(name) can't do anything - that's what teachers are for, I don't have to teach her anything." Me = horrified especially as a close relative of the girl is a teacher and spends lots of time with her. Fast forward two years "...she's doing great at the private school - ahead of the other kids". Me in conversation with her found only recognises a handful of words, can't write her name and can't count past ten...

    I guess some people just don't get it!


    Miss Jenny's Classroom


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