Monday, February 2, 2015

What to do with all those stickers!

Kids like stickers.  Stickers are great motivators and rewards.  Sticker are...well... sticky!   What do you do with all those stickers?   I saw one of the teacher at my school use this idea and it works great! No more stickers everywhere!!  I took one sheet of paper and folded it like a hamburger.   Then I cut 5 pieces of wax paper the size of half a sheet if paper.  I slipped them into my hamburger fold paper, stapled,  and instant sticker book!
Students can write their name and decorate the cover.  You can make it any size.  I found this size works for me because they can slip it into their intervention folder.  The key is the wax paper...
Stickers can easily be removed from it. Your students will love these sticker books and you will love not finding stickers stuck in inappropriate places!

If you want to be the coolest teacher ever and need a quick time filler,  give them a chance to trade stickers with their friends.  A great social activity.   Everyone loves stickers!

Have a great week!  


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