Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do you read and write the room?

A couple of years ago, I found the idea of read and write the room.
What a gem.
Do your students have a hard time sitting still?
Do you struggle to find activities for your early finishers?
Look no further!
Read and write the room is your answer!

What is read and write the room, you ask?
Basically, you give students a clipboard with a recording sheet, and a pencil.  You send them on their way to walk around the room, reading and writing.  You have read all the articles out there now about getting kids up out of their seat...
Sounds too good to be true right?
It's not, it really is that simple.

I have found two ways to manage read and write the room in the classroom.  The first way is I have a generic recording sheet, that uses the print rich environment found in the classroom.  There is no prepping involved, just print the recording sheet and go.

Below is a **FREE** download, that you can use in your classroom to try.  Students are to look for a word that begins with each letter in the alphabet.  This one is a goodie, because it will take them a L..O..N..G time to complete.  Let them work on it throughout the week when there is extra time or when they finish early.  Grab it here!

The second way to manage read and write the room, is to put words around the room that you want them to read.  This is a great way to get your students practicing exactly what you want. 

Look at this activity I have below.  I have cards with CVC words on them, because I want my students to practice reading CVC words.  I will cut and laminate the word cards, then hang them around the room.  The students will go around the words, read them, and then use the recording sheet to write them.

Grab this Read and Write the Room HERE and more activities HERE

Read and write the room activities are easy to make for any skill.  Sticky notes and notebook paper work just as good as fancy made games.  Give them a try.  Get your students up and reading and writing!   



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