Thursday, August 18, 2016

Let's Talk Letter Naming Interventions

What is an intervention?
In a sense it is very much what the word says.
You intervene to assist a student in learning a skill, that they are struggling with.
Most of the time if you teach the skill again to the student using the same strategies they were taught t the first time, you will probably still see them struggle.
Has this ever happened to you?
It sure has happened to me...a lot.
What you need to do in the intervention is re-teach the skill that they are having trouble with, but you want to try some different strategies than they learned with the first time.
I have found using multisensory strategies give me the most bang for my buck.
Having students, see, say and feel what they are learning really makes it stick.

I have found salt/sand to be my best friend.

Students can trace what they are learning in the sand, they see, say and feel it, and it sticks!
This plastic canvas has also worked miracles.  I bought mine at Walmart.  (Yes it is the same stuff you used to use yarn and a huge plastic needle to sew with when you were 8)  Who knew it could teach kids to read?

If you have a student having a hard time learning something have them see, say, and trace it.  I hope you see results like I have!

I have found this strategy to be so effective when teaching letter names, pair it with a systematic sequential lesson plan, and BAM, kids know their letter names.  

I'm excited to teach a whole new batch of Kindergarten students their letter names in a couple weeks.
I've created a systematic sequential lesson plan that uses multisensory strategies, as well as a recording sheet for each letter to keep me on track.

Here is the recording sheet for A.
I can place the plastic canvas right on top of the large A so they can trace it.
They can practice writing it on their own, and then practice some LNF fluency as well as review previous letters, at the bottom. I have this all spelled out in the lesson plan.

Get my complete intervention lesson plan and kit HERE

I have also been told that I will be getting some volunteers to help me out this year.  YAY!  So I made this kit for my volunteers.  It is ready to go, and has a sample lesson plan for them and a recording sheet so I can keep track of who they worked with, and how the students did.  I have been using this with my four year old at home this summer!

There is a letter matching component,

multisensory component,

handwriting practice,

and fluency practice!

You can check it out HERE.

Want to know what else I do to teach letter names?  Check it out here.

I would love to hear what you do to teach letter names to your students.  Leave me a comment or send me an email at



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