Sunday, June 4, 2017

My TOP Phonemic Awareness Resources for you to use!

Phonemic Awareness...
oh how I have struggled over the years...
I know it is important,
I've heard that it is easy to do,
I know that just 5 minutes a day can make a huge impact,

I get all the why's...but I struggle with the who, the what, and the when!

I did find if I make sure I start my day with phonemic awareness or pair it with another habit that we do (like lining up for lunch)  then I get it in so much more consonantly.

While this is still a major focus of mine to improve on, I do have some products I would like to share with you that have really helped me out over the years!  Yes, these are affiliate links, no I don't get enough money to go on my dream vacation to Hawaii if you click on them, but I do get to buy a new book now and then, so thank-you!

1.   This book is awesome.   When I taught Kindergarten I used it everyday.   It has phonemic awareness sheets that match your favorite read alouds.  I would read the story then do the sound matching sheet that matched the story, we would pair it with snack time and use cereal as markers, then eat them afterward.   It was seriously the best part of my day, and those students could ROCK their phonemic awareness!

2.  The person that made the Chipper Chat just gets kids.   The word lists in this book are a teacher's dream and the game is a student's dream come true.  Which of your students would not love to use magnetic chips and a magnetic wand?   I loved to use this in my small group lessons as a warm up.  It took me awhile to figure out how to match activities to students and how to progress through the book, but the ease and fun makes this a number 1 in my book.

You may also want to grab these...

Those are my top TWO favorite phonemic awareness resources.  I found as long as I am consistently doing phonemic awareness everyday, I get good results.  So at the very least just start doing it, even if it's not a perfect plan.  Start playing with sounds with your students.  When they line up,  before you read a story, at snack time, whenever you can fit it in, just do it.  Below are some other books that I have on my shelf that I pull from time to time.  

I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas on this topic.  If you have any books to share please share them in the comments!!!

Do you have an easy way to incorporate phonemic awareness into your routine? I'd love to hear about!  Email me at

Keep playing with those sounds!

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