Thursday, March 12, 2015

A-E Spelling and Word Work Centers

Get my Spelling and Word Work Center Activities for a-e FREE! 

These can be used at centers or independent work time.  Some are played with a partner and some are independent.  I have also found success in using them with my intervention RTI groups, guided reading groups, and have sent some home as homework.  Your students will LOVE doing these.  They have gotten rave reviews!  

Here it is in action!

Roll, Read, and Write:  Student rolls  a die.  Student reads the word.  Student writes the word above the typed word.  Repeat until one row is filled.  Can be played independently or with a friend.

Tic-Tac-Toe:  Play with a friend.  Each student needs a different color highlighter or marker.  One student goes first and traces a word saying each letter or sound and then reads the word.  Then next student goes and races the word saying each letter or sound, and then reads the word..  Students continue until one student gets three in a row.  

Here is my son beating me at Tic-Tac-Toe.  It would make a great homework activity.  Please excuse the no shirt, I don't know why my boys take their shirts off all the time at home.  

Stamp or Color the Sounds:  Students will use a bingo dabber or crayons  to stamp out the sounds or color the sounds as they read them.

Four in a Row:  Play with a friend. One student goes first and reads a word and then colors in the box.  Then the next student goes reads a word and colors in the box.  Continue until one student gets four in a row.  

Stretch the Sounds: Used as a sound board.  Students will write one sound in each box for each of their spelling words.

My son has loved doing these activities each week.  We have been working on them at home.  I have also gotten great review from teachers.  Try this one out for free!

Tried it and like it?  I have one for almost all of the spellings you can think of in my store...A real bargain at only $.50 each!

180 Days of Reading

Or grab the whole bundle of activities here:


It will give you access to all of the Spelling and Word Work Packs currently in my store, as well as any that I make in the future!

If you have purchased one in the past, make sure you re download it!  I have updated them all with new graphics and words!!

I would love to hear how you use these in your classroom!
Thanks for reading!


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