Thursday, April 23, 2015

Do you DIBEL? Great Nonsense Word Practice!

I've got DIBELS on the brain.  Anyone else?  DIBELS are always a big deal every year since I am the Reading Specialist at my school.  I always worry about how my struggling readers are going to do.  Especially since I get pulled from my groups to give State Tests for three weeks right before benchmark (but don't get me started on that subject!!!) The nonsense words always get my Kinders.   I made this packet to give us some extra practice.  This week I will start slipping in an activity or two at the end of my lessons as a quick practice.  I also have one of my First Grade Groups that will be using some of the activities to refresh.

You can get it HERE

This packet is HUGE!

This is a card game that the kids love to play.  Stack the cards in a pile, and have students take turns picking a card and reading the word {encourage them to read whole word}  Lots more word cards are included.

Here is their favorite part...the special cards!  Follow the direction on the special cards when they are picked!  The winner is the student with the most word cards at the end.  This is great to throw in a group or center.  After it is model they can usually play it independently.  I make lots of copies so they can play in partners.

Or you can take the cards and hang them around the room, and turn it into a read and write around the room.  Students can walk around, (woohoo we are out of our seats!!!)  read the word, and write the word.  This is great to leave up all week and have early finishers work know the ones!

There is also this GEM that I started doing this year.  This is "find the frog".  Put the word cards in a pocket chart and HIDE one of these cute frog cards behind one of the word cards.  Student take turns reading the word cards and then looking to see if the frog is hidden behind.  First to find the frog WINS.  

They will BEG to play this game!  They will even play it at indoor recess...if you let them :)

Also an oldie, but goodie a roll and read.  Roll a die, read the line as quickly as possible.  Great independent word, or even homework.  {multiple roll and reads included}

Next, is a fluency practice.  Students time themselves for one minute and try to help the princess get the the castle by reading all of the words in between.  There are 8 differentiate sheets that students can all feel success with.  The first one starts with just one line of words.  This is a great homework, tutor, or partner activity!

Another version of roll and read... Students roll, read, and color the word.  They love to see which row gets colored in first.  This is a great center activity! {Multiple sheets are included.} 

Can you tell I LOVE this product?  It is one of my favorites, and it has made my life so much easier, since sometimes I feel like I eat, sleep, and breath CVC and nonsense words.   Plus it is a HUGE resource at 30 pages it is one of my biggest products!.

Check it out HERE



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