Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Easy Stories for your Beginning Readers!

I am so excited to be able to finally post these today!  I have been working on the format and stories for a couple months now!  I tried to keep the stories as simple as possible so that my kids could be successful reading them.  IT IS WORKING!  My lowest First Graders are loving these!

                                                    Get them here: Easy to Read Stories

This set includes 16 simple to read stories for your beginning readers.  They have only CVC and easy sight words in them, so students can find success in reading them.  There is no prep involved, just print and use.  Great for sending home!  Students first read the story, then they highlight or circle words that follow the targeted skill, next they write the words, read it again as a funny character ( I have them circle the character that they read it as), and then read it one more time to a friend.  Students can color in the number circle as they complete each task.
I have found great success in using these with my struggling first grades who are working on fluency at the CVC level.  I hope your readers enjoy them as much as mine!

We have 12 days left!!!!!!  WOOHOO! 

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