Friday, August 14, 2015

Start your year with CVC words! {Free on Friday}

Hi! Remember me?  It;s been awhile I know.  I took a little hiatus to enjoy summer, and enjoy I have.  I am finishing up my 11th Susan Wiggs book.  I haven't read 11 books since I had kids, let alone in one summer.  I potty trained the three year old and signed him up for PRESCHOOL!   I have made it to the gym almost every day this summer. and I have just been enjoying life.  Don't hate me, but I still have two weeks of summer left!  Anyway, I know a lot of schools have started so I am trying to get myself back on board to get everyone in the trenches some resources.

I wanted to highlight one of my favorite products, and also my best seller.  This SAVED me last year. I started making these spelling bundles to give my students more practice with the spelling pattern that we were working on that week.  These were a HUGE hit with my students as well as the teachers at my school.  Here is a free sample of the short a kit.  Since many grades review short a at the beginning of the year I am making this free for the week for you to try.

You get 5 activities to go with the short a skill:

Roll, read, and write
Stretch the Sounds
Four in a Row
Stamp the Sounds

These were great for centers, and a lot of my teachers used them for homework.
Check it out!  If you haven't grabbed the sample a-e Spelling and Word Work be sure to get that one too!

I have these made for over 30 spelling patterns and have left them at the LOW LOW price of just $.50 each, and since the $3.00 minimum is gone you can buy what you need, when you need it!

But can I recommend getting the bundle and SAVE!

If you are starting with CVC words you might also like these games that are great practice! 


CVC Game

CVC Sentence Fluency Games

Hope these will help you get off to a great start to your year!
I'm off to the pool, don't hate me!


Be sure to check out more great freebies at Teaching Blog Addicts



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  2. Thanks so much for your wonderful freebie. Lots of great activities!
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