Monday, January 4, 2016

Alphabet ideas for getting back in the swing of things.

WE'RE BAAAACK!   So I hit the ground running today after a really nice break where I was SUPER lazy, stayed in my pajamas, snuggled my boys, built 4 million Legos (this is not an exaggeration), played video games, read a book for enjoyment, and loved every minute. Not one second did I think about school, TPT, or pretty much anything at all, until I jolted out of be this morning and forgot all the stuff I actually do in a normal day.

Good thing I knew this would happen and before break I got all my plans in order.  (I know I am SO smart sometimes)  

Today I am going to share some letter-naming or letter-sound activities you can use to get your students brains warmed up!

First some freebies....


        Free Lowercase Alphabet Tracing Page

I love to use this as a warm-up in my intervention groups. I have 5 copies each in a plastic sleeve.  Students use a dry erase marker.  I have the students trace and say the letter name as they write it.  Then they say the letter sound as they erase it.  Great way to warm them up for learning, and reinforce skills.  My first graders LOVE it!

I love these alphabet cards. I warm all my groups up with them everyday.  I shared this already, but it is really a great way to make your cards tactile.  Just glue over the letters, let them dry.  Then students can trace with their finger and say the letter name, key word, and sound.  

Other Great Alphabet Products!

This is another warm up I play with my kids.  The first letter is missing.  Students need to fill in the blank.  Great way to work on alphabet order.

This has been a class favorite!
First, you get a cute caterpillar that students can put in alphabet order.

Next, you get this letter naming card game.

Last, you get two recording sheets.  You can throw the game in a center with the recording sheets for accountability.

Simple roll and read games that are a sure hit!

Put all the cards in a pile.  Students take turns flipping over the card and coloring it in on their recording sheet.  You could also hang the cards around the classroom and have students walk around and find the letters.  As they find the letters, they color them on the recording sheet. 

Your students WILL love any of these activities!
Have fun!


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