Monday, April 25, 2016

5 Sight Word Games you can Play Right NOW!

Oh, boy.  They year is winding down.
I don't know if you are having some motivation issues,
but I know I am.
Today I wanted to share with you FIVE of my favorite sight word games you can play with ANY sight words.

Now, here are my FIVE favorite sight word activities you can do with any words.  All of these activities are easy to do, and great for end of the year review, or to fill throw in when you have those random 5 minutes.

1.  Fly Swatter Sight Word.  Slap some words down on the table or write them up on the board.  Hand out two fly swatters.  Yell out a word.  First one to slap and read the word wins!  You could break the class into two teams, I like to play the game at the end of my small groups.  

2.  Beat the teacher.  Write a sight word on the board, and start erasing it right away.  If the student reads the word before you erase it, they win.  If you erase it before they read it.  You win.  You can differentiate this game easily by erasing slower for some students that need it.

3.  Pancake words.  Grab an old spatula...I pick them up at the dollar store periodically. Partner up your students.  Give each group a pancake flipper.  Put the sight word cards upside down on the floor or table.  Have them take turns flipping and reading the words.  Get some sight word cards HERE.

4.  The sticker game.  Put a little sticker in the corner of each of the sight word cards.  Put the sticker right by the word.  Put all the cards face down in a pile.  Have the students take turns picking a card and reading the word.  If they get a card with a sticker on it, they get to trade it in for a sticker at the end of the game.

5.  The ball game.  Get a ball.  Line your class up in two rows.  Grab and empty bin or basket (I know you have them you are a teacher...)  Flash the word to the student.  If they can read it, they get to try and make a basket.  If  they make a basket they get a point.  The team with the most points at the end wins.  You could tape marks on the floor for 1 point shot, 2 point shot, etc.  THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!

Remember these last few weeks to have fun with your students.   Keep them learning all the way to the end.

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