Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Anyone else struggling with motivation this time of year?

UGH.  I am struggling with motivation this week.
I tried more coffee, but that didn't work.

Every year around this time I really start to struggle with packing lunches, homework, making dinner, etc.  My lessons are starting to be blah, and my enthusiasm is meh (at best). I start the school year off so motivated, I have lunches packed the night before, clothes set out, my lessons ROCK, and now NOTHING!


Here are FOUR ways I am motivating myself this week.

1.  Start a new project.

I decided that I would have a huge Teacher Appreciation Week Celebration starting May 1st.  This has helped with my motivation A TON.  I have been making plans, organizing new blog posts, making new products, and trying out new ideas with my students.  This has really helped me with not feeling so trapped in routine at school.

2.  Read something.

I started reading the book, The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands

I often use books as a reward for myself...If I do all my "chores" for the night quickly then I will have time to read before bed.

3.  Start planning for next year.

Yes, I am serious.  Start thinking ahead for next year.  Is there something new you are thinking of doing next year?  Start it NOW!   Try it out on this group of kids.  They are already all broken in, and you can see if the new idea will work or not.  It is a great time to get  the bugs out of a new idea!

4.  Get help from others.

So my hardest time right now is the night time.  I just want to sit, and do nothing.  I keep putting off laundry, dishes, lunches, etc. then in the morning I get up and am frantically trying to do EVERYTHING.  This is not working for me.  I need help.  So I started searching for some help online.  Guess what I found.  This course.  MAKE OVER YOUR EVENING.  YES! This is exactly what I need.  Please teach me oh, wise one.  Please encourage me to get my act together again.

Are you struggling to get everything done too?  Let's set us up for success! Sign up for the course with me HERE, or try some of my ideas listed above.

You've got this.

You can do this.

Find your motivation.



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